May Already?

Another month has passed, the sun has started to shine and the birds are singing..... Could Summer finally be on its way? We haven't yet dared fire up the BBQ, but have taken the first step by bringing it outdoors from the garage and given it its first clean in 2018! If the weather holds this weekend then we are definitely going outdoors and firing up...

We all love the feel of alfresco dining in our household, something definitely takes hold of you when dining outside. Everyone is relaxed and somehow the food just tastes that little bit better. This year we will be experimenting with some gluten free pasta side dishes and to make it that little bit easier I will be throwing in one of the 'Fodmapped for You' pasta sauces. Our personal favourite is the roasted vegetable sauce made with an assortment of fresh ingredients the flavour is quite satisfying. I have also used this to make a quick lasagna and/or bolognese; not strictly Italian, using a mixed vegetable pasta sauce, but nonetheless still tastes great. Plus, I can satisfy myself knowing that my little ones are having a sneaky extra vegetable hit without being aware of it, especially on those busy days when time is against you!

Fingers crossed we have some great weather this weekend. Don't forget we have a pre-summer offer code which expires on 31/5/18. Use code summer18 to get £1.50 off our pasta sauces in time for summer!

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