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Wowsers what a fantastic summer we have all had. Here in the East of England, where we average, during the summer nearly 200 hours of sunshine a month, we have excelled with temperatures in the high 20's for most of the summer period. We at Fodmap Easy took a wee break over the summer holidays and frolicked in the sunshine and surf with the family. September is now here and our focus has returned to the Low Fodmap scene.

So, Autumn, a time of colour and early evening light; temperatures begin to change and the nightmare of how do i now dry the washing without covering all the radiators in the house and using a tumble dryer....btw there is no answer to that other than covering all the radiators in the house and using a tumble dryer.

At Fodmap Easy at least we can take the stress out of easy wholesome lunchtime meal making... take a look at our soup selection and pasta sauces. While you're there take a look at our recipe book for inspiration of how else to use our versatile sauces and soups....Who knew, for example, that you can make gorgeously delicious muffins from pumpkin soup!

For those of you that live in and around London we have some exciting news... From this month Wholefoods Market stores will be stocking 3 lines of the 'Fodmapped for You' range. You will be able to purchase, off the shelf, in amongst your normal weekly shop, a choice of either of the 'Fodmapped for You' Soups and their Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce.

Lastly those of you that have subscribed to our site or who are members should have already received your Autumn discount voucher... if you haven't ping us an email, via the contact us page and we will rectify that for you.

Wishing you all well and a joyous Autumn period of fireworks, warm drinks and social gatherings

From Fodmap Easy Ltd


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