Bronze at the FFFA18 Awards

Wow we are soooo very chuffed... This journey began 12 months ago when our daughter got sick...Our first insight into the world of Low Fodmap. Steep learning curves were undertaken and many endless days and nights in the kitchen cooking all sorts of concoctions, some of which bordered on the inedible. I can still see and hear my families words of encouragement as they attempted to chew and swallow some of my 'delicious' cakes, snacks and dinners all cooked from scratch. Now, I would consider myself a competent chef in the kitchen, happy to cook for 15+ people (we have a large family...), one who does not get flustered with the challenges of gluten free or nut free mealtimes...but, i can honestly say the Low Fodmap meal is one that I did not relish undertaking on a daily basis. Hence our first discussions with the 'Fodmapped for You' guys in Australia. We tried many products during this period and genuinely found these products to be some of the tastiest around. My children, categorically the hardest critics at a mealtime, gave these products the thumbs up. Family members and friends, who were recruited to undergo taste testing, all agreed 'yep they're good!' And so the journey began... "Lets bring these over?", I said, "We can't be the only people struggling to find an easy meal solution whilst following these principles?..." I said!.....And here we are 10 months later, a start up company 'Fodmap Easy Ltd' working in partnership with the fantastic originators of the 'Fodmapped For You' brand in Australia....A bronze medal award at the FFFA18 awards in London for the Green Curry Simmer Sauce... Exciting times ahead... Watch this space as we have just had an email from the 'Fodmapped For You' guys that samples of their breakfast biscuit, risotto and teriyaki simmer sauces are winging their way to us very soon....WoooHoo!

PS we are going to need some taste testers for these products so either email us directly or sign up to our mailing list from our website for us to get in contact...

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